Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Solving "can't read Hotmail e-mail"

Surprisingly, this issue is quite widespread. I fell a victim of it too. In short, I can log in to Hotmail (,) but then clicking left and top menu items as well as e-mail subjects does nothing, no matter what browser I use. In my case it was surprisingly simple - I had Java applets filtered on my router. Disabling this filter brought Hotmail back to life for me.

Now, I doubt Hotmail uses any Java applets (can't say for sure though; just not interested in digging any deeper.) One thing for sure - I don't have Java installed, so there is nothing to block here. Most likely, this is an issue with DD-WRT build incorrectly classifying some javascript files as java applets, which is likely a good story for a separate post.

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