Sunday, March 10, 2013

The frame size of the video does not match the settings

According to my popular search engine, this is not an unusual problem when dealing with H.264 video encoding. I, in particular, stumbled upon this one in Corel VideoStudio. My video was captured with Samsung Galaxy Tab using its out of the box video recorder. The compression algorithms are H.264 for video and AAC for audio. The frame size is 1280x720. What I was trying to do was a simple concatenation of several video clips. Selecting encoding output as "Same as first video clip" would produce the following error message:

I suspect that the default H.264 profile in Corel VideoStudio is the "baseline profile," for which the max supported resolution is 720x?, hence the error above. 

To work around this issue in Corel (the approach would be similar in other software packages) one needs to select a H.264 main profile, which supports higher encoding resolutions. Again, in Corel, choose Create Video File / Custom option. Then, select "Save as Type" = *.mp4, click Options, select Compression tab, and set video type to H.264-Main.

Finally, go back to general and notice new (higher!) resolution options became available. Choose the one you want. I was happy to enjoy the 1280x720 option.

 Happy encoding!